Anil Rawat artist and advertising professional

In 1985, he received his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree from prestigious Delhi College of Art (India) with a gold medal for being ranked at the top of his batch. His ability to communicate through visuals took him into the world of advertising and he started working with his childhood’s favourite playmates – visuals and forms. Anil coaxed them to help him solve communication problems, create identities, build brands, add impact to messages, develop packaging designs, create logos, design exhibitions, develop advertisements and conceive films.

Anil has won almost every major Indian advertising award, ranging from the venerable CAG and the Bombay Ad Club to the A&M award, the IAAFA award, the Business Today and Business World awards, and a whole list of ad club awards. His work has also been printed in the prestigious Lurzer’s Archive.

During all this time, he has also been taking out time to indulge in photography and painting to allow self-expression for the artist within him, unfettered by communication briefs and unbounded by commercial constraints. His photographic work on Spiti in the Himalaya, the Split image series, and his digital artworks based on The Ramayana, have been much appreciated by contemporary artists and it has encouraged him to start sharing more of his work with the public.

A holistic artist who uses contemporary mediums to express his inner self and explores the life around him. He works on various materials from paper, canvas, digital to video. His work adorns the walls of his collectors in USA, Singapore and India.

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